About Us

Cem Brick is currently the fastest growing cement brick manufacturing company in our region. And it has become an established brand in both private and public civil sectors. Our clients make use of our services to receive exceptional advice in any field of construction. Our directors are always willing to assist our clients on a personal level to make your projects big or small a complete success. The directors of Cem Brick have been directly involved in the building, construction and paving industry since 1990, meaning we have a qualified team with skills and expertise in order to offer technical support in the installation and application of all Cem Brick products. As we strive to be the market leader in our industry we are always committed to offer our clients with not only superior quality products and services, but also our company morals which is the foundation of the way we do business.

Our promise is to remain customer focused, enthusiastic and motivated. Our brand is bold and stylish, our service and our products are reliable. The management of the company is involved and passionate about construction and the knowledge thereof. Our company values are that we as a company strive to lead by example through the following values in our effort to be the benchmark in our industry.

Creating and contributing to an environment in which our people can excel through a management style which is participative, encouraging, demanding, and supportive to all Cem Brick employees. Ensuring the impact and integrity of our operations and actions on employees.Our mission is to constantly monitor the industry and developing the ability to adapt whenever we need to. We can assure our clients of the highest quality products along with outstanding service and a lifelong commitment to keeping up with our corporate slogan, we make concrete promises.

Our vision is that we believe in contributing thoroughly to an ever growing and diverse society, not only in terms of providing the highest quality products to a wide range of industries but also being a solid foundation in job creation and social responsibility.

We welcome you and look forward to assisting you with any of your building needs.

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