Tuscany or "Toscana" in Italian is a region placed in the heart of Italy and is widely regarded as the birth place of the Italian Renaissance. With that in mind the designers at Cem Brick set out to create the next truly exotic member of the paving family, the "Tuscan Cobble", a perfect match to any structural renaissance.

Technical Specification:

Tuscan Cobble

Height : 50mm

Length x Width : 200mm x 200mm

Strength : 25 Mpa Compressive

No. bricks p/m² : 24.5

No. bricks per pallet: 312 bricks

No. m² per pallet : 12.73 m²

Product code : CO200{colour}

ch_colour_over.jpg gr_colour_over.jpg pl_colour_over.jpg rd_colour_over.jpg tn_colour_over.jpg
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