Why would you plaster and paint when you could have this as the face of your home or business. The Cem Brick "Facebrick" is the perfect image and best of all, no painters, no exterior plaster just absolute splendor. This is the most impressive member of the building family, combining beauty and strength with the pedigree of the "Stock Brick" and a splash of style in the case of top feed or crisp clean colour in the through colour, it is truly a gem in the world of construction.

The through colour is used where the header of the brick is visible like on the corners, door frames, window frames and window sills.

The top-feed you use where only the stretcher of the brick is visible and the header is imbedded in the mortar of the wall.

Technical Specification:

Facebrick (made to order)

Height : 70mm

Length x Width : 210mm x 98mm

Strength : 14 Mpa

No. bricks p/m² : 54 (gauge dependant)

No. bricks per pallet : 462 bricks

Product code for top-feed : FBTF

Product code for through colour : FB

fbkb_colour1_over.jpg fbsm_colour2_over.jpg
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