One of nature’s most powerful forces is given tribute and immortalized in a sensual and practical design, the CemTile "Sea Wave".

When Cem Brick designed this roof tile they wanted it to make a statement, and it does. A simple yet striking design available in fashionable and practical colours the "Sea Wave" roof tile is an awesome option for anyone that wants to make a state of style and sophistication.

Technical Specification:

Sea Wave

Overall size of tile: 420mm X 332mm

Approximate mass per tile: 4.3 to 4.5 kg

Linear cover per tile: 302mm

Product code : RTSW{colour}

Rafter Centers

Up to 760mm

38mm x 38mm Batten

Up to 950 mm

38mm x 50mm Batten

br_colour_over.jpg ch_colour_over.jpg gr_colour_over.jpg ka_colour_over.jpg rd_color_over.jpg tc_colour_over.jpg
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