Drawing inspiration from the romantic East Mediterranean island country of Cyprus with its long beautiful shores and inviting city streets Cem Brick presents the "Cypres Cobble".

A truly unique and beautiful design; the "Cypres Cobble" brings home the romantic getaway and sensual feel which only Cyprus can deliver.

Technical Specification:

Cypres Cobble

Height : 50mm

Length x Width : 100mm x 100mm

Strength : 25 Mpa Compressive

No. bricks p/m² : 98

No. bricks per pallet : 1248 bricks

No. m² per pallet : 12.73 m²

Product code : CYCO {colour}

cycoch_colour_over.jpg cycotgr_colour_over.jpg cycotpl_colou_over.jpg cycotrd_colour_ver.jpg cycottn_colour_over.jpg
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