In history many political and military leaders have come and gone, but the halls of royalty echoes with name Julius Caesar. Cem Brick pays respect to the Rome which was built by this imperial mastermind with the CemTile "Double Roman".

When it comes to design and immortal style few know better than the Romans, for this reason alone the "Double Roman" roof tile is an obvious choice for any setting both home and business.

Technical Specification:

Double Roman

Overall size of tile: 420mm X 332mm

Approximate mass per tile: 4.3 to 4.5 kg

Linear cover per tile: 300mm

Product code : RTDR

Rafter Centers

Up to 760mm

38mm x 38mm Batten

Up to 950 mm

38mm x 50mm Batten

br_colour_over.jpg ch_colour_over.jpg gn_colour_over.jpg gr_colour_over.jpg ka_colour_over.jpg rd_colour_over.jpg tc_colour_over.jpg fnbr_colour_over.jpg fhka_colour_over.jpg fhrd_colour_over.jpg fh-tc-hover.jpg
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