The Interlocker is one of the most successful products Cem Brick has developed. It is part of the paver family, however this specific family member finds it is most at home in an industrial setting.

The Interlocker is the sturdiest and strongest paving brick to come out of the technically innovative and technologically advanced plants of Cem Brick. Perfect for industrial zones where the heavy beasts of industry dwell, and yet pleasing to the eye, its no wonder this is one of our top sellers.

Technical Specification:


Length x Width : 202mm x 101mm

Strength : 2 Mpa Tensile or * (MTO) 2.6 Mpa Tensile

No. bricks p/m² : 48

No. bricks per pallet of 60mm : 576 bricks

No. bricks per pallet of 80mm : 480 bricks

No. m² per pallet of 60mm : 12 m²

No. m² per pallet of 80mm : 10 m²

Product code(80mm) : 80{colour}

Product code(60mm) : 60{colour} – 576

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